Trends come and go, but a gentleman stays forever! Want to be the highlight of a "Girls Gossip" and be remembered after days, months, and even years? Here are a few common characteristic traits almost every gentleman has in common. Ahem ahem, you might wanna have a look?
1. A Gentleman is simply imperfect 
Oh, this one is undoubtedly an important one!The title of "gentleman" is not something that should be unattainable. Instead, it considers your originality, the decisions you take and the mistakes you make. What makes you perfect are your choices and judgments every day!

2. A Gentleman is he who sets high standards
High standards drive you to do the best you can, and gentlemen certainly set them for themselves. A gentleman knows what he needs and doesn't settle for less. He demands a high standard of quality, worth, and results from the things he chooses to lay his hands upon.
3. A Gentleman knows how to dress well
This one shouldn't be a surprise. A well-dressed man knows what to wear and keeps in mind the season, the occasion, and of course, his style. If you're a gentleman, the way you dress conveys your respect for the host, office, or event, and you don't just do it to show off.
4. A Gentleman Has Good Manners

A gentleman knows how to treat the ones around him. He is mindful, polite, and respectful. He smiles and says please and thank you, is not egoistic, and waits his turn in line. He knows what to say in a conversation and exhibits good table manners and etiquettes.
5.A Gentleman is Open-Minded
A gentleman aims to learn, is open to fresh ideas, takes constructive criticism, and embraces failure as a path towards growth and self-awareness. He does not argue just for the satisfaction of being correct. He is empathetic and tries to understand the perspective of others.
6. A Gentleman is Interesting and Informed
Did you know our brains are attracted to interesting and intriguingpeople and things? A gentleman knows how to keep things interesting, with the repertoire of knowledge he got!This pandemic has forced us to confine ourselves in our houses- even if it is the correct thing to do, it’s super easy to get succumbed to the cycle of eat-sleep-work-Netflix-repeat. No wonder this makes conversations boring!
7. His Actions always match His Words
For a gentleman, actions indeed speak louder than words. Quite simply, whatever a gentleman says or promises, he aims to keep.He practices what he preaches and doesn’t shy away from taking responsibility for his actions, EVER!
8. A Gentleman Treats others with Respect
He respects people – women, superiors, waiters, colleagues, helpers. He has no pride even if he has achieved a lot and is grounded. He believes that everyone around him is equal, which is undoubtedly a charismatic trait of a gentleman. He is sympathetic with the ones who are less fortunate than himself. Moreover, a gentleman doesn't think that life is a game and that putting anyone else down will, in any way help, lift him.
9. A Gentleman knows the fine line between confidence and arrogance
An arrogant man believes that he has some miraculous award no one can even think of achieving. On the other hand, a gentleman trusts himself and his capabilities independently of any other person. An arrogant guy will always want that particular win to get that sense of validation, while a gentleman is far beyond this- he validates from within.
You must be thinking, does this really matter? Yes, itabsolutely does. No doubt, being a gentleman sets a bar too high for men to work towards, every single day, actively. Guys, remember, instead of this being a destination, think of it as an aspiration, a journey that you decide to venture on—it should be a lifetime pursuit of personal progress, self-awareness, and motivation! You go, GUYS!